Private Life Coaching Sessions

Do you have a secret dream that you still haven't gotten around to? Those things that you dream about, that you're passionate about, they are your calling. Coaching with me, I will help you expose your true self, your values, and take you on a journey into the depths of what it means to feel fully alive.Â

Through life-affirming philosophy and well crafted programs, you will learn how to create an intentional and meaningful life of purpose, passion, possibility, and freedom. I integrate progressive coaching techniques, yoga, meditation, spirituality, cutting-edge leadership skills, and sound nutrition and lifestyle habits to help you balance your life and actualize your desires.Â

Through a unique multi-disciplinary approach, I work with you one-on-one to create strategies and new tools to support you living your best life, whether you are looking to:

  • Achieve a personal goal
  • Start to actualize your dreams
  • Find clarity, focus on your goals & dreams
  • Live an authentic, purposeful life
  • Feel the richness of emotions & what it means to be alive
  • Find balance
  • Increase the degree to which you enjoy your life
  • Gain success in your relationships and at work
  • Begin to create a new healthy belief system
  • Improve your level of leadership abilities at work or in your community
  • Lose weight, get fit & have body confidence
  • Find more passion
  • Be at peace with where you're at & love yourself unconditionally
  • Be challenged & grow into who you want to be in a safe & supported environmentÂ
  • Be supported because you've tried doing it on your own- AND IT HASN'T WORKED YET

Your inner guidance is who you really are. I will guide you to listen to this so you can begin to make life affirming choices that bring you closer to living the life you dream of experiencing. Discovering your true self allows you to leave stress and anxiety, doubting questions, guilt and disease behind. You are then able to find emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health that is inherently yours. You will learn to trust yourself and follow your heart.Â

My philosophy is that you are so loved that when you commit to you, the universe will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Life can be simple but we overcomplicate things. Attaining fulfillment with a coach brings clarity, direction, and support which safely enables you to move more easily towards your personal desires. Individual coaching is the fastest way to achieve your goals.Â

My approach is described as passionate, humorous with endless love and inspired action. I will push and encourage you but only in a safe and encouraging way. You have the answers and I guide you to them. As an intuitive being, I am open and honest, in a gentle way.

Here is the deal, though. I only work with people who are ready and committed to authentic and powerful transformation- those who are ready to claim the life they dream of. It takes effort and commitment and I am here to support you and hold you accountable to your growth and the promises you make to yourself because the universe needs what you have to offer. Coaching, like life, can be fun. Get ready to enjoy a more authentic and satisfying life!Â

Life Coaching Packages

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