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Erika is committed to transforming the world into one where everyone is thriving. Where everyone is living the path of the heart, listening to their inner guidance and living in harmony with nature and animals. Where everyone is doing 'the work' to heal their traumas, so they could better serve humanity and the planet. Part of Erika's purpose is to restore people to their original purpose to live the life they're meant to experience. She lives the path of the heart and is an empowered source of inspiration and guidance for others.

Erika's commitment to her work and studies is evident through the depth work she has done with herself and continues to do, and in the way she serves humanity as a Certified Life Coach trained under Coby Kozlowski, M.A., E-RYT at Souluna Life Coach certification, Spiritual Teacher, and student of both psychotherapy at the Living Institute and a student of the Shaolin Healing Arts - Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics. She is consistently learning, regenerated by the thrill of discovering new avenues of self improvement.

A coach can only bring a client as far as the coach is willing to go, and has already gone. Erika has a focus to know and improve herself. Coming from a difficult past, she is always looking for ways to rewrite her story. She understands that to be able to help others she has to be able to understand herself. She is deeply interested in discovering why people are suffering and tapping into their higher potential. She is so aware of human suffering and dedicates her life to help people to be free of all what holds them back to live lives they are meant to live.

Erika demonstrates a commitment to her own depth work and uses her trainings, life experiences and natural abilities to facilitate others through their own. She actively listens and holds space for her clients. This creates a safe environment that allows the client to be vulnerably open to their own insights, guidance and intuition. Erika intimately and genuinely understands a client's feelings, goals, fears, and their dreams. She loves to help clients solve problems whether practical, conceptual, or personal ones with the intention of eradicating them, restoring someone to their true glory and bringing them back to life. As an intuitive, she is in touch with her true self, and dedicated to improve the lives of everyone.

As a brave, warrior soul, Erika quit her "secure," steady, corporate career as a graphic designer to fully dedicate herself, her time, her heart her whole being for the highest good of all. Her goal is to dedicate her life for the higher good of this planet and humanity. She is passionate about creating a community centred around grace and love that allows space for transformation to happen. We are all connected and our liberation is caught up in each other.

I am in awe of Erika's dedication to love, her soft yet powerful presence, and her willingness to walk this path.

Coby Kozlowski, M.A., E-RYT. Souluna Life Coach Certification Founder

Her mission is to fully dedicate herself to help everyone on this planet to improve and have a better life for highest good of all.

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